“Data Breach” – You may have heard this term many times. Because it uses many times to cover feature stories in major newspapers or TV channels. But many do not know the significance of this type of cyber attack. So if you want to know about it, how can this happen, and how can it affect your life? – So, read this article carefully until the end.

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What is a data breach?

Data Breach, from this word, can imagine its meaning. The breach means to crack or disclosed or destroying. Crack means, in a nutshell, you can call a data breach a perforation of the important information. According to Wikipedia, this refers to illegally copying, transferring, or stealing any secure, sensitive, protected, or confidential data. Any personal information, financial information, personal health information, personally identifiable information, credit card bank, or property information can be leake or stolen through this attack.

The data breach may target an entire company or an organization, or it may target only a specific individual. In a word, if any data from a system is accessed, copied, or transmitted without the knowledge of that system admin, it is called a data breach. As a result of a data breach, leaked trade secrets, property secrets, government secrets. It also can be sell at very high prices. However, personal information also has a lot of value.

How can data be breached?

Surely the first thing that comes to mind when you hear it. Data Breach is that a hacker sets up a huge computing system, a company hacks the network. After this snatches all the important data, if it was a movie, you might see this scene. But a busy data breach can be do very easily, even without the need for a computer. For example, many times an employee of the company can transfer sensitive data to someone outside the company. Sometimes that person uses that data for his benefit. Thus many data breach incidents can only be caused by an internal employee.

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Now in the second case, yes, the hacker does the data breach by acting just like you imagined. However, hackers can only steal data when there is no vulnerability in the system. Moreover, hackers may get a lot of important information from an employee. Like how the company network works by leaking this information. Again, just like a normal hack attack, a hacker can carry out an attack. By using different attack methods (such as phishing, attaching malware to email, social engineering, direct attack). If there is an error in the company’s network, then the hack attack can be much easier.

In another way, data can be breached, such as a hospital employee accidentally looking at someone’s health report. In this way, any office employee can say that he has mistakenly looked at a personal document. Which he does not have permission to view, thus data breach can also happen. Again, an inside employee can directly help a hacker to install malware on the system. Thus it is possible to breach. A data breach can also happen in an international format. You may have heard in the news, about this type of attack as a cyber attack. Hackers create special malware and gain direct access to a company’s computer or network.

How to prevent a data breach?

The results of a data breach can be devastating, whether for a company or a single person. Once the data is in the hands of a third party, you have nothing to do. Since data breaching is done from within the companies, one has to be very careful while selecting the employees. It is very important to select loyal employees. In addition to ensuring the maximum security of the computer database, network errors must be found by hackers before they can be fixed.

The system must use two-factor authentication and improve security as much as possible. If already data steal, there is nothing to do, but the account password should be changed immediately. Not only the password of the account that has been hack. But also all the passwords that have been open with 7 emails on different web sites have to be changed. And, of course, two-factor authentication has to be enable where possible. Changing the password will not return your hacked data, but will prevent future data from being hacked. That’s why I always say when signing up for every site, you must use a unique password. You can use a password manager if you want to generate a strong password.


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