Different Types of Cyber Crime or Computer Crime

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Computer crime Alternatively connected to Cyber crime. It also known as e-crime, electronic crime, or hi-tech crime. Computer crime an order performed by an expert computer user. On the other hand, it seldom linked to as an attacker that illegally skims. Also, it can steal public or private information. In some cases, this body or group of individuals may be ill-dispose. Crash or otherwise misleading the computer or information files.

Different types of Cyber crime :-

Below is a listing of the different kinds of computer crimes now.

Child pornography – Creating or sharing or dealing with child pornography.

Copyright violation – Stealing or using another person’s copyright material without permission.

Cracking – Cracking or interpreting codes that apply to defend data.

Cyber terrorism – Attacking, warnings, and blackmailing towards a company or individual.

Cyberbully or Cyberstalking – Attacking or tracking others on the internet.

Cybersquatting – Setting up a domain of different persons or companies with the individual purpose of selling it to them later at a rebate price.

Creating Malware – Writing, creating, or spreading malware.

Denial of Service attack – Oppressing a system with so many requests it cannot serve regular requests.

Espionage – Spying on a person or company. For example, someone can steal data or information from your company

Fraud – Handling data, e.g., changing banking records to transport money to an account or engaging in credit card scams.

Harvesting – Manage account or another account detailed information on other people.

Different type of Cyber Crime

Human trafficking – Engaging in the criminal act of buying or selling other humans.

Identity theft – Representing to be someone you are not.

Illegal sales – Buying or selling illegal goods online. For example, drugs, guns, and psychotropic substances.

Intellectual property theft – Taking realistic or conceptual information developed by any other person or company.

IPR violation – A cerebral property rights violation is any infraction of another’s copyright, patent, or brand.

Phishing – Cheating individuals to get private or personal information about that person. For example, his or her bank info, address, pin code, etc.

Salami slicing – Cheating small amounts of capital from any transaction.

Scam – Tricking people toward accepting something that is not true.

Spoofing – Cheating a method into thinking you are someone you are not.

Typosquatting – Installing up a domain that is a misspelling of different regions.

Unauthorized access – Getting entrance to systems you have no permission to access.

Wiretapping – Connecting a device to a phone line to listen to conversations.

So these are some types of cyber crime. In conclusion, I just want to say, hope you find the answer to what you are searching for.


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