Ransomware: Suppose, like every day, you were working tuk-tuk with your laptop. Suddenly you see a new mail in your mailbox from an organization in the United States.

Curious, he opened the mail and downloaded the attachment, and immediately saw that your laptop was no longer working. All files and commands have been corrupt. Only a popup message is coming where you can see your computer has been hacked (ransomware).

Yes, this is how hackers can take control of you or anyone else’s PC through a ransomware virus. Experts have termed ransomware as a means of making illegal money. It can usually enter the computer in the form of email, pop-up messages, spam links, or residual text files of a download package (ransomware).

As soon as it enters the computer, it locks the lock screen, encrypting all the important files including the password, which cannot be recovered without the password set by the hacker.

Ransomware is a widely discussed problem in today’s world. It is important to take some precautions to stay safe from this terrible virus. In today’s article, we will discuss what we can do to survive this ransomware.

What to do to avoid ransomware:

1) You should refrain from clicking on any kind of phishing or spam links.

2) Care should be taken to open or download the attachment file of the mail from an unknown source. Be sure to confirm the source of the mail.

3) Usually we download crack files or patch files from many unnamed websites to use free games or applications. The utmost care must be taken in this matter. It is best not to download anything from an unfamiliar or infamous website.

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4) Mail server’s inbuilt filter or scanning tool can be use to be safe from mail containing ransomware.

5) We usually use a pen drive or card reader for file transfer. Before using any type of portable external device, make sure that the device is virus-free.

6) The operating system of the computer and the software used should be update regularly. It is best to install any type of update as soon as it arrives. Because the latest security patches are provide with the latest updates to protect the device from any kind of virus.

Apart from these, there are some general rules that everyone should follow, such as using antivirus, using a VPN when using public WiFi, etc, and try to avoid public Wi-Fi

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