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How to Help Your Business Survive a Cyber Attack

The United States is in the middle of a major cyberattack with an enemy country that has been known to be aggressive, and it is unclear how to stop the attack.

Cyber attacks can happen to any business

Cyber attacks are a scary reality for many businesses. The US Chamber of Commerce estimates that more than $100 billion was lost from data breaches in 2017, and that number is on the rise.

Ensure your networks are protected with strong passwords and firewalls

The recent cyberattacks on networks have prompted many to ask, “How can I protect my company? ” While taking strong precautions is necessary for small and large businesses alike, it’s important to note that IT experts recommend a layered approach to security.

Train your employees on cybersecurity policies

It is vital for a business to know how to protect themselves against cybersecurity attacks. A cyber attack can have major consequences for an organization, such as a loss of sensitive information, data breach, or financial losses.

Keep up-to-date on new threats

As the popularity of technology increases, so does the sophistication of cyber attacks. How can a business survive a cyber attack? To start, you need to know what to do when you experience an attack.

Be aware of ransomware

Businesses are constantly being targeted by cyber attacks, but ransomware has caused more damage than any other type of attack in recent years. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malware that infects computers and then locks them down with encryption

Prevent phishing scams

A phishing scam is an email, text message, or online post that tricks you into providing personal information. This information can then be used to steal your identity and/or money.

Keep your software and devices updated

No business is safe from the threat of a cyber attack. With more than 90% of cyber attacks coming from external sources, it’s important to protect your company with the latest software and devices.

Back up important data If your computer or external hard drive fails, having a recent backup can be crucial to keeping your business up and running.

Educate yourself and your employees, family members, and customers on these scam trends:

Benefits for business

The Chamber of Commerce is an organization that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs. A recent report from the Chamber of Commerce found that there was a significant increase in cyber attacks, citing the fact that there are now more than 300,000 malicious programs that can be used to compromise a company’s computer system. The report also found that the United States is the most targeted country for these cyber attacks. Businesses that want to survive a cyber attack should take measures to protect their data.

The key here is to have solid cyber security protocols in place and for employees to be educated about what a cyber attack is and how to avoid one.

1. Train staff on security risks and how to identify them

2. Encrypt data

3. Use strong passwords

4. Use firewalls

5. Patch software

6. Apply software updates

7. Monitor software and system activity

8. Seek help from security experts

9. Plan for potential attacks

10. Audit security measures regularly Data breach is one of the biggest threats to a business that are unaware or insufficient when it comes to cyber security.


The recent Chamber of Commerce is worried about recent cyber attacks that have threatened the United States. The Chamber has called for more software security and an increase in preventative measures to protect businesses from these attacks. S1 – Choose strong passwords: Avoid short easy to crack passwords. Generate complex passwords, and change them every three months. 2. Don’t store important information on laptops 3. Install firewalls to block intruders S4 – Remove software if you do not need it 10 / The Media Team

In today’s business world the computer network is critical. At some companies computer servers control machines, such as in the airline industry. Airlines cannot function without them.

Attack For software

Recent cyber attacks against businesses in the Chamber of Commerce is causing many of them to come together and seek out new ways to protect themselves and their data. They’re trying to find new software, hire new security experts, and learn more about what can be done to prevent these attacks. The United States Chamber of Commerce has put together a Cybersecurity Task Force to help protect business from cyberattacks.


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