Online shopping has become a fashionable trend during the holiday or festival season, for definite reasons. Why run to the market when you can buy by using your smartphone? Although super comfortable, this option can probably put your private information at risk. So you should know about these cyber Security tips.

Here Top 5 excellent security tips to help you make that special gift delivered to your door and bypass a bill filled with false charges.

1. Secure that network

 A safe connection to the Internet is an important key in blocking the unauthorized entrance to your information. A proper firewall application should be installed on your devices. If you don’t have firewall software and aren’t sure what to get, our Geek Agents are always willing to help. And you also can search on google what will be suitable for your devices.

2. Safeguard your purchases on the go for cyber security tips

Did you know that almost 50 percent of smartphone owners use (or plan to use) their devices for buying, according to ABI Research? When using your smartphone, only shop from well-known retailers and re-check the website link or address. Your data is not safe on a public wireless connection, so make sure before you’re using a safe Wi-Fi hotspot. Finally, a password-protected tool makes it pretty hard for criminals to reach your information. Pick a password that isn’t simple for criminals to guess.

3. If you don’t know it, don’t click it– cyber security tips

Don’t be the attraction for phishing or fake emails. Clicking on links from unknown email addresses can install malware or other spyware or keylogger software on your machine, opening it up to cybercriminals. If you unintentionally click on one of these links, you must need to do a characteristic scan for spyware and viruses through any antivirus. But I’ll recommend you to use paid software because it will help you in future also.

4. A password Change is good -cyber security tips

We know changing your password regularly can be irritating. How many times of your beloved (and important) password can you create, right? But, updating your password every 30 days is a very good practice to add an extra layer of cyber security.

5. Beware of Wandering Eyes

A long commute on a bus or a train is an excellent time to get some vacation purchasing done but be careful of that stranger sitting next to you. Your neighbors or friends might try and read your smartphone and take your credit card number or other important information. Spending on a privacy screen or filter can significantly decrease the chance of peeping criminals. Screen protectors come in all shapes and sizes and it is available every shop. You can find the one that’s best for your tech device.

Online shopping should always be safe, and following these 5 tips can assist guarantee that experience. And remember, our Geek Squad Agents are always here to help you out with the best security against fraud, spam, or worse. These are top cyber security tips for everyone, who likes to shopping online. To know more related cybersecurity visit: geeksoogle

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