What is SQL Injection Attacks and How it works?

SQL Injection (SQLi) is a kind of injection attack that makes it reasonable to perform malicious SQL records. These records control a database server behind a web application. Attackers can use...

What is Zero Day Attack and how it works?

A zero-day vulnerability is a flaw. It is a remote exploit in the wild that presents a vulnerability or weak point in software or hardware. It can create difficult problems well...

How to Avoid Social Engineering Threats

Security experience education is the number one way to stop social engineering attacks. People should be conscious. They should know that social engineering exists. Also familiar with the various usually...

What is Social Engineering Threat and How its work

Social engineering attack is the art of manipulating people so they give or share private information. The kinds of information these criminals are trying can vary, they are regularly trying to...

Common Types of Vulnerabilities in Cyber Security

There are many kinds of vulnerabilities in the cyber world. Here we will try to cover two of them and How vulnerabilities can affect your business. SQL Injection (SQL) SQLi occurs when...

What is Vulnerability? Know About Website Vulnerability

A vulnerability is a weak point in a website’s code that grants attackers to exploit or get control of a website's vulnerability. They commonly cause security issues in outdated software or...