Bug Bounty Program offers Up to $20,000 by Microsoft

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Microsoft just launches a new Xbox Bug Bounty Program to reward bug researchers. So, anyone who finds vulnerabilities in the Xbox Live system and services. Bounty awards will extend from $500 up to $20,000. Microsoft remarks there could even be more high-priced payouts depending on the condition of the report and the vulnerability result.

The highest payouts will be given out for significant indirect code execution. Like the elevation of advantage flaws, while security feature bypasses, information exposure, spoofing and tampering. Everything will all include bonuses up to $5,000. Microsoft is opening this up to gamers and anyone who has the talents to find flaws. It’s demanding high-quality reports with a specific write-up or video presentation, and clear proof of concept. 

Including payouts of up to $250,000 for Windows 10 bugs. This new  Bounty Program begins just as Microsoft plans to launch its Xbox Series X console and xCloud game streaming service. Both will run on the Xbox Live network. Sony and Nintendo also admit bug reports, with Nintendo rewarding. Sony only contributing a t-shirt as identification.



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