If you are using the internet using any secure and private network in your home, then there is no need for a VPN or if you are using the internet from a password protected wifi hotspot, then also it is secure and then there is no need for a VPN.

Moreover, if you are using an open and public wifi hotspot, such as a railway station, a hotel, or a flight or train, then any hacker can hack your network or system using that open network.

So, remember that any public and open network that many strangers are using together, that network is never secure, and then you should use a VPN. As such, it is always safe to connect to the internet using a VPN.

So, you probably understand why and when to use Vpn.

How to use VPN in our device

VPN is very easy to use on any computer and mobile. You have to download a VPN app or software in the same way as you download and install various apps or software on your mobile and computer.

After installing a virtual private network app or software you need to enable or turn on its service. After that, your internet connection will be automatically connected by VPN’s secure network.

The best free virtual private network software for your computers

Thus, the benefits of using a premium or paid service are much higher. But, you will get a lot of free virtual private network software for your computer, with which your work will definitely go away.

  • WindScribe – Completely free virtual private network software with all kinds of features. Here you will get 10 GB of free data every month.
  • Tunnelbear – This free VPN software will give you 500 MB of data every month. As such, Tunnelbear, VPN is best for first-time users.
  • Speedify – Using this VPN software you can access the Internet much faster and faster. Moreover, here your 5gb data will be given for free every month.

If you are looking for free VPN software, then these three VPN software I have given above are the best and free.

The best free VPN apps for your Android devices

Nowadays, the Internet is being used more on smartphones than on computers. And so, it is very important to have a virtual private network application on your mobile.

So, below I will tell you about the best and free mobile apps for android mobile.

  • HotspotShield – The most popular and best app on mobile. You can use 500mb data daily for free.
  • TunnelBear – 500 MB of data will be provided every month. And, this software is available for both computer and mobile.
  • TurboVpn – This application is completely free and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • Free VPN monster – This mobile application is very fast and fast. virtual private network monster is completely free and can be installed and used on any Android mobile. already A large number of people have downloaded this app from Google Play Store.

So, I hope you have easily understood how to use a virtual private network and what are the benefits of a virtual private network), and how to use this.

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to comment below and don’t forget to share.


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