Technology addiction in child: You are proud of your child. Because he has good results, he doesn’t go out with bad chats, he doesn’t talk bad, in Sudhimahal known as Bhadra. His only addiction is surfing the internet. What else is it! The time is such that if you want to continue without the internet, you have to fall behind. So what a loss if one-and-a-half Internet addiction! The amount of harm in this seemingly innocent, harmless intoxication is but not. So be aware to have time to protect your child from this terrible addiction.

If the following symptoms appear, you can assume that your child has become addicted to the Internet. (technology addiction in child)

  • Sitting online does not know of time.
  • Sleep deprivation for sitting on the net.
  • When you are asked to do something while you are online, you get angry.
  • If you do not sit on the net are angry.
  • Emphasizes sitting on the net instead of homework.
  • Distance is created with friends and relatives.
  • Lying about spending extra time on the net.
  • New online friends are made.
  • Loss of interest in old hobbies.
  • Checks e-mail several times a day.

Harmful aspects of internet addiction

Children addicted to the Internet stay away from physical activity. And if bad food habits are add to it, then the child may suffer from obesity. It can even be affect by difficult diseases like diabetes. (technology addiction in child)

Excessive Internet addiction causes a mental illness called ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Children with this disease cannot pay full attention to any specific task. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 6 million children between the ages of four and 17 are currently infecte with ADHD. Affected children are irritable, lie, and engage in pointless arguments with everyone. Besides, the results of the school are getting worse day by day.

How to bring the child back from this addiction?

Due to the distance between the parents, the child may become addicted to the Internet. So give him time. There is no substitute for moral education. If he can be develope as a moral person, he will be able to save himself from the evil aspects of the web world. There is also a need for parents to apply some technical knowledge. Keep an eye on which websites the child is visiting.(technology addiction in child) Regular browser history should be check. Various filtering software, such as firewalls, can be used. This will prevent the child from accessing illegal websites.

The computer should be keep in a place where everyone can see it, not in one corner of the room. Many parents become extremely angry when they notice the goals of Internet addiction and keep the child away from Internet devices altogether. The result is not good. Various withdrawal symptoms can be see in an addicted child. So you can talk to your child and set a time limit for his daily internet usage. Remember, anger does not solve any problem. Good results can come only if the child understands with the help of caress, patience, and reason. (technology addiction in child)


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